FAQs – WinWin WorldWide (4W)

FAQs – WinWin WorldWide (4W)
Coffee wood dog chew - 4winwin worldwide

General Question

The branches of the coffee tree are used to make coffee wood chews. These are responsibly collected by coffee producers in Vietnam’s Central Highlands using a natural pruning method. Coffee wood is an extremely thick wood that offers any dog a pleasurable, safe, and nutritious chew. Although it will eat down like a natural wood product, it won’t splinter.

A natural by-product of the coffee bean harvest is coffee wood. No tree is uprooted or chopped down during harvest in order to produce these all-natural tooth chews. To make coffee wood chew, only coffee trees older than 20 years old with a poor bean yield are felled. The chewing sticks are constructed from waste wood left over after coffee plants are revived, therefore no trees were cut down in the process.

The product is made completely of actual coffee wood and does not include any artificial materials, including caffeine. Both artificial additives and ingredients derived from animals are excluded. The chew made of coffee wood won’t break up into sharp pieces that may harm dogs’ mouths. This chew toy is an excellent alternative to chews that include fat or sugar because it contains no calories.

We are confident that your dog will adhere to our Coffee Wood Chew like a best buddy, so get some whenever you want!

True, they are all natural and from Vietnam. Given that Vietnam is the world’s second-largest exporter of coffee beans and has a plentiful supply of coffee trees, it has an edge over other nations in the production of coffee wood chews.

The chews made of coffee wood are completely harmless. Your dog won’t suffer any negative effects from swallowing and digesting the delicate and soft wood fibers. It improves the jaw muscles and encourages mechanical cleaning of the teeth. Small fibers that act as supplementary tooth floss and cleaners are released when coffee is chewed. Your dogs’ teeth will receive natural dental care with each bite of abrasive chews, and you won’t have to worry about gum disease or plaque buildup.

Yes, suitable for every breed & size: the coffee wood chewing stick is available in different sizes from XS – XXL and therefore suitable for every dog, every age and every breed. You can choose the one that’s most suited to your dog. Please note that our chews are sourced from naturally cultivated trees and are hand-cut,hence no two pieces will be exactly alike.

The coffee plants used to make it are 20 years old. Only natural coffee wood, in its entirety, was used to make this product. Farmers frequently remove a 20-year-old coffee plant to make room for a new one that will provide better-quality beans. Our farmers utilize the branches at this stage to create sturdy, long-lasting dog chew toys since the wood is tougher and harder than it was before.

They’re all fashioned from coffee wood that is at least 20 years old. Not everyone among you prefers the previous models since you all have the belief that you can catch your pet dog. Food that resembles bones more often than not is preferred by them. Making dog toys out of bones, in my opinion, is quite interesting for them.